The real career in our lives is LIFE!

One of my best friends wrote to me yesterday.

She told me that she was not happy with her life, with her body, she felt distant from people and that for the third time wanted to switch to another career. She said that there should be something wrong with her because she couldn’t decide what to do with her life. That all her friends already graduated and were in stable relationships.

"Then I am a disaster", I said.

At age 18, rather than starting college, I went to a meditation center to live for six months. Then I studied Interior Design in Argentina and a year after I left to compete in Miss Paraguay. I started Marketing and advertising career while I taught meditation in prisons and hosted some TV shows. But in 2014, I decided to leave everything in Paraguay, I came to Los Angeles to start from scratch and study acting. Now I also want to get certify as a yoga teacher. I had only one boyfriend in my life and I've been single for more than 2 years. I have no plans to get married or have children. And if you ask me where do I see myself in 10 years, Career wise I won't be able to answer.

Many times I’ve thought about my life as a mixture of many things that won't lead to anything and other times as one with amazing adventures.

Many times I judged myself by not having a university degree at 26 or a stable job or a partner.
It is equally valid to have a super defined career for all your life or change it every two years.

Our generation is the generation of communication, connectivity and therefore more information and more options!

I think that experimenting is the key in our generation.

It was a whole process for me to release that social structure I grew up with. My head is always repeating what the society taught me: College, Career, Marriage, Children.

And I have many friends that are immensely happy with this structure. But it may not be the right recipe for others, like in my friend's case or mine.

“Maybe I don’t want to have children or get married", I told my mom when I was 17. (She graduated with honors, Masters, she's a successful business woman, etc.) 

At first she stared at me like: "I NEED grandchildren Nicole!!!"

But then she said: “My princess, I just want you to be happy, just be free and I’m sure your sister will give me 7 grandchildren haha!"

My friend is an incredible woman, successful at work, a true world traveller, one of the most generous people that I know and loved by everybody. But I feel that the pressure of following this structure was not allowing her to see how incredible she already is! And in reality it didn’t matter what career she studied or how many times she changed it. Because the real and main career in our lives is LIFE! Let’s focus on studying that one!
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