I was born and raised in Paraguay by a very executive, feminist, spiritual single mother and a simple, humble grandmother. Drawn by my child curiosity and the urge to express all my feelings my whole upbringing was a mix of outdoors adventures, trying all types of sports and experiencing art in dancing, acting and painting.

I considered myself being a very happy teenager but I was also raised to be a tough woman. In reality I was feeling a lot of pressure of being approved and to “be somebody”.

All this led to me becoming bulimic. I know, no good...I was modeling at that time, the people’s approval was my fuel and much more important than the harm I was doing to myself.

One day, looking at myself in the mirror, instead of criticizing something about my body that I didn’t like I stared straight into my eyes and for the first time in a long time I felt this instant of complete happiness and love for myself.

That moment impacted me so much that from then onwards I just wanted to go back to that feeling.

I had a wonderful family, health, beauty, the nicest boyfriend, amazing friends and my whole life ahead to explore. I had it “all” but none of these list was bringing me back to that moment, to that “spark”.

I decided to let go of my whole “life plan” and went to live for 6 months in a Meditation Center in Uruguay. What an amazing journey! I am not going to lie, it was tough at times to see all the aspects of yourself that you don’t accept, confront it and learn to truly embrace it.

But hey! It transformed my life! And I learn how to find that calmness I craved so much! It was just underneath the self loathing, stress and pressure I was putting on myself. It was right there waiting for me. l learned this “emotional tool box” to use in any type of situations, good or bad, to keep being unconditional with myself. To be on my team and not against!

My life plan has become an adventure of experimenting myself in different careers, goals and countries.

Playing in this world!

After studying for some semesters Interior Design and Advertisement, in 2013 I began teaching this meditation technique in jails, companies, orphanages, and to all types of people.

You can take spirituality to everything passion and profession you have. Well, my other passion is the entertainment industry.

I became Miss Paraguay 2011-12 and got to travel around the world representing my country. I’m a model, a very healthy one now, and a TV host.

Two years ago I moved to Los Angeles to study acting and become an actress.

This blog started because recently I had vocal cords surgery. After recovering for 3 weeks in absolute silence, I started feeling this urge to speak up. I appreciated the importance of having a voice. Written or spoken, there’s always a place to speak up about who you are! Might be scary but beyond the fear, there’s more freedom!

I just got tired of having to show what people want to see of me instead of showing those things that I am proud of being and was scared to share. Not anymore!

I am living in LA now, this is my new adventure. I honestly have no idea where it’s going to take me or what will come next but I will share every single step and I promise it will be... what it has to be! So let’s have FUN.

Thank you for reading! BIENVENIDOS!!!