Since I was a kid I remember being a very curious and physical active kid. Climbing trees, running around the house, I can’t even explain the excitement of practicing volleyball, tennis, track and field and my biggest love dancing. Nothing in this world, besides food, could make me feel as alive as practicing a sport and moving my body. The adrenaline and endorphins were always my best friends.

Growing up as a young model made exercising a little different. It made me exercise with the objective of obtaining a specific figure to satisfy the external world. And bit by bit the pure freedom of exercising became an obligation for a constant and sometimes unreachable goal.

When the main objective of my workouts were the minutes and amount of burnt calories, I started getting injured constantly. There was always a part of my body that was resisting the imposed workout.

Since I was used to the super rush of pushing my body to the limit with fast and almost unconscious movements covered by loud music, of course my perception of yoga was a very boring, slow and a non challenging activity. 

Last year, my best friend decided to join a yoga school. A little skeptical and without thinking too much, I joined too.

To explain to you how much yoga has changed me. It’s been just a year since I started practicing and I am already a yoga teacher. 

I realized that I have always been imposing movements to my body. As an adult, I’ve been always pushing exercising from a rigid, and almost violent ego place.

I completely forgot that playful joy of climbing trees and running around my house as a kid. 

Yoga made me go back to that feeling. 

When I practice yoga my body talks to me. Every pose, transition and breath is an opportunity to gently connect to my body. I went from violently imposing to my body to listen to what it needs, wants and deserves. 

Yoga has become a conversation with my body.

I realized that before, I was getting injured frequently because I was so focus on the goal instead of the process. 

In yoga there process is the goal! How wonderful can that be! It’s a relief. Now yoga is my moment to play with my body.

What do I want to achieve with yoga?

When I was 18 years old I lived in a meditation center for six months. I felt the urge to connect to my inner self and develop my emotional intelligence. I quickly realized that the only way for me to love myself unconditionally would have to be through gentleness. The opposite of what I had been told by society.

After many years of meditating everyday and teaching this stress release technique in jails, companies, orphanages, etc. I developed a stable place of peace and softness inside. But I had yet to discover that gentleness with my body and that’s when yoga came in.

What do I wish to create with yoga?

By teaching, I wish to keep discovering this profound connection of unconditional acceptance and gentleness with my body and help others find it too. Debunk the belief of yoga as a weak, boring and sometimes way to “spiritual” experience. 
I would love to combine ashtanga vinyasa yoga with my meditation teachings, that aren’t based on beliefs systems, and the flow of the art of dancing.

I truly believe that every single human being should practice yoga. You are working out while you heal your body and get to know yourself. It’s definitely a gift for our souls! When we practice yoga, we are giving to ourselves and to the world!